Here is some of what the press has had to say about David James:
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Click here to read about David in Bass Player Magazine.

Fun story and interview in PREMIER Guitar Magazine with Rich Eckhardt, guitarist withToby Keith for over twenty years, about touring in Europe back in his days with Fish Heads & Rice.
Great description of what it was like back then!



About David's songs...

...Lie to Me; Our Favorite Song.
Dorothy Moore: More Moore : Music Reviews : Rolling Stone

The singer, who ascended the charts with "Misty Blue" way back when, now has a voice that has aged, husky and more than capable of delivering three-hearts-in-a-tangle sagas and mistreated woman dramas.
lovers of that style will find much to like with More Moore. Standouts include "Lie to Me." (Written by David James) It's shameful this type of music is absent on mainstream radio. ~ Andrew Hamilton, All Music Guide

LIVING THE BLUES was nominated for Best Traditional Blues Album
in the 37th Annual Grammy Awards, and deservedly so.
-The Blues Daily

Certified - In my opinion, the best song on the album, love the lyrics, very upbeat. Great solo on the guitar and harmonica. Really can listen to this over and over.
-plastic rock star

The hottest song on the 104.5 down home blues show is Lie To Me. The people love it!!!!!!!!
-radioman Greg Arnold

“Lie To Me” ...pushes the melody for a heartfelt homerun.
-The Cutting Edge

I would've loved it had he played the sublimely soulful "Lie To Me" from "I Smell Smoke"

The aching, slow burn gospel-laced "Lie to Me" (Written by David James) also benefits from Burks’ stunning tone that prowls and growls like a caged tiger. The combination of his singing and six-stringing talents makes Michael Burks an incendiary force and lights the fire under I Smell Smoke. --Hal Horowitz


The swaggering "Gonna Put You Out Of My Misery" (Written by David James) and the slow grind of
"That Knife Don't Cut No More" are among his best

Kenny Neal's albums are invariably dominated by well-chosen songs — no small feat these days.
-Bill Dahl


The songs on Running Horse by Jack Sundrud (one co-written with Craig Bickhardt and David James) are strongly melodic, in that mid-tempo rock beat that Poco always did so well. They still sound like classic Poco tunes.
You find yourself tapping your feet, even singing along after only one hearing.
-David Kidney

These songs are indeed a surprise in quality and consistency...
...the music is still relevant and enjoyable.
-Moshe Benarroch for The Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

"Never Get Enough" is another catchy song, with a little funk courtesy of Young's
pedal steel filtered through a wah-wah.
-Peter Hund

"Never Get Enough" brings Jack to the forefront again, this time with a high-spirited romp
anchored by a muscular guitar hook.
-Johnny Norris

...some of the most interesting lyric arrangements on the CD." - Brad Sandler



...and about the live shows...

"Music lovers danced the night away Saturday at the Coral Bay Blues Festival on St. John.
The David James band had many in the diverse crowd on their feet."
Virgin Islands Daily News, March 8, 2004

"... led by composer-bass player-vocalist David James. His top notch talent....."
-Virgin Islands Daily News, March 5, 2004

"Spend the late afternoon with David James, one of the best vocalist on the island, and the ever expanding guitar arsenal of Rodger Bressi." - St. Croix Avis, 2003

"If you can't have fun watching these guys you're not breathing."
The Nashville Tennessean, 1996

James is one of the most interesting vocalists of the 90's"- Buscadero Magazine, Italy 1995

From the Virgin Islands Daily News October 24, 2003:



The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.
- Hunter S. Thompson